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So, let go of the fear and spend some time customizing your computer, tweaking a bit to make it easier to use and different from the millions of computers out there.

How to Customize your Start Menu

Customization of the start menu in Windows 10 can be done by a couple of steps, Customization includes

Adding an App to the list.

Deleting an App from the list.

Creating a group of Apps.

Before moving ahead, one important thing to consider is that the apps are categorized into two groups, System Apps and Other Apps. The only major difference is that the system apps are preinstalled with the OS and cannot be removed from the start menu app list. Only the apps which have been manually installed can be removed.

To customize the Start menu list of apps, follow the following steps:

Click on the start menu at the bottom left corner of your screen and locate the app shortcut in the start menu.

Right-click on that app and a small menu appears with one of the options labeled as ‘More’. Bring your mouse pointer on ‘More’ and the menu will extend further towards right displaying other options. Left-click on the option labeled as ‘Open File Location’. A folder will open which contains shortcuts of all the apps installed on your computer. The directory path of that folder would look like this:




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