About us

About Cloudabouts.Com

At Cloudabouts.com we strive to offer content that is unprejudiced, accurate and comprehensive. Our editors are not influenced by advertising or commercial considerations. We always stay honest in our reviews and our chief aim is to provide unbiased truth compiled from our own analysis, referrals from other experts and consumers about products covered in each of our categories. Although we may receive commissions for some sales, our views are strictly our own.

About Our Staff

We offer both consumer and expert editorial reviews for cloud storage services. We independently research every service or merchant we review.

We also publish articles and news on cloud computing technology and compare those “unlimited” service providers to come up with a list of the best services with competitive charges and outstanding reliability. We also write and share cloud related basic articles like definition of cloud computing, pros, cons, types among others.

We are a unique website and one of the fastest growing in the cloud computing niche, specializing in the in-depth analysis of various merchants and service providers. With your support, cloudabouts.com will continue to grow and become one of the greatest websites providing all the hard-to-find information on cloud computing technology.

Our firm receives accolades for accuracy, efficacy and speed– and our reputation as an honest and fair business. Our objective is to offer our clients superior services and genuine reviews on products and services they want to purchase and provide real solutions.

Though the reviews found on this page are compiled from unbiased truth by our staff, it is vital for clients to carry-out more research on products they want to purchase and not sorely rely on the merchant reviews found on this page to avoid disappointments or blame to this company. We always ensure that customer satisfaction is our main goal and make sure that our services meet or surpass our customers` expectations.

How Do We Finance Cloudabouts.com

As the operators of cloudabouts.com we are responsible for financial risks and all our investments. Our website is mainly financed through various affiliate partnerships with a vast number of companies. For instance, if a new visitor signs up for a free trial on a website mentioned on this site, we may receive a small commission for referring a client to the merchant. If the new member purchases a service or a product we also receive a commission. We evaluate all the merchants on a neutral criterion without putting into consideration whether they run an affiliate program or not.

Not all service providers on our reviews run affiliate programs, in fact, majority of the highly rated merchants do not run affiliate programs. If we use an affiliate link to refer you to a merchant`s site, we are obliged to disclose this to the consumers.

We also offer paid advertisements on our websites where interested merchants can make advertisements on products and services they offer. This feature is made available through a relationship with Google Ad Networks. We get paid for each advertisement posted on our website.

Cloudabouts is a professional site that is paid by the companies whose products we evaluate. We are a privately owned company, and the opinions expressed here are our own.
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