Mega Cloud Storage Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

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MegaCloud is one of the best cloud service solution for keeping your files secure and safe.

At MegaCloud, you won't need to yield quality to get a less expensive cost as it offers you the most astounding quality with the most reasonable price in the cloud service sector.

For instance, MegaCloud has three unique arrangements, one is free and the other two are definitely not. One of the paid plan expenses $9.99 every month while the other one expenses $19.99 per month. Later in the article we discuss about both the plan in detail. But one thing I can assure you, both the plans are worth trying and best of its pricing category.

Mega Cloud Storage Review

Complete Mega Cloud Storage Review:

Find here an in-depth review analysis of Mega Cloud Storage.

Look and Feel:

MegaCloud will offer you incalculable components. It will offer you each and every element that you may search in a distributed storage supplier. These elements incorporate customary overhauls, a media focus, the capacity to get to the distributed storage by means of a cell phone and it gives you add up to control over the distributed storage space. It additionally makes it simple for you to share and send files.

How to Start with MegaCloud:


Setting up a record with Mega is basic. All clients need is an email location and watchword to begin. The administration is really free as there is no compelling reason to incorporate a Mastercard amid setup. Follow the below steps to set up your mega cloud account:

Step 1: Visit the mega cloud website.

Step 2: Now, click on the create account button.

Step 3: In this step you have to fill up the form where you have been asked to answer few questions. Make sure your password is strong enough and unguessable.

Step 4: Now finally click on the create account button again.

Step 5: Yes! You had made it. What are you waiting for. Start uploading files from PC to Mega Cloud.

How to Share Files with MEGA

An entire organizer or individual files can be shared from your MEGA account so anybody can download your common substance without the requirement for their own username and secret key. Below are the steps:

  • Step 1: Right click on the file that you want to share.
  • Step 2: In the next step select the "get link" button.
  • Step 3: In this step Mega cloud system will show up the copy right statement and as usual you will click on the "agree' button without reading it.
  • Step 4: Give the link to those, with whom you want to share the file.


Mega was known essentially for their security. The organization uses AES encryption conventions to secure files before exchange from the client's PC. The files then remain scrambled amid travel and once they are saved money on Mega's servers. Also, Mega does not store passwords or expert keys. These are both held by the purchaser and can't be recuperated by the organization.

Amid starting set up of the record, the client is driven to make a secret word. On the off chance the secret word can be excessively powerless but effectively speculated.There is a pointer underneath the secret word box that tracks how solid the login data is. Clients can utilize this to figure out whether their picked blend will work.


Mega has just a couple of additional items that clients will have the capacity to exploit. For one thing, there are versatile applications for every single significant gadget and Chrome and Firefox browsers. Firefox and Chrome clients will have the capacity to group download files with no size limitations. It guarantees to lessen stacking times, fortify security, and enhance the download execution of the browser.

Firefox buyers have had issues with it solidifying amid the download and not finishing it completely. Chrome clients have had issues with it vanishing from their additional items without any notice. Be that as it may, for both browsers, it speeds transfer time as promoted.


  • Can offer envelopes with general society
  • Instant access upto 50 GB of free stockpiling
  • Supports various document/organizer downloads as a ZIP record
  • Can control the velocity of transfers through the browser
  • Supports stopping transfers and allows transferring from the portable application
  • Upload entire organizers by utilizing a web browser


  • 10 GB bandwidth limit , it refills by itself at regular intervals.
  • No propelled joins sharing like secret word security

Restoring the Deleted and Changed Files

Erased files will appear in your Rubbish Bin. Reestablishing an erased record is simple. Explore to it utilizing the envelopes sorted out by date. All you need to do, just tap on it, then reestablish it.MEGA gives you a chance to recoup past renditions of files. In any case, it doesn't perform incremental document forming.


MEGA is quick, really quick indeed while transferring and downloading files.As far as reestablish rates, you can download a 10GB file document at 27.3 Mbps, which was barely shy of my 31 Mbps greatest.

Mobile Apps for Using Mega:

MEGA has portable apps for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. MEGA additionally has apps for Chrome and Firefox, which should be quicker than utilizing the default web interface. A PIN open setting includes an extra layer of security, by requiring a password before opening the application.


In the below section you will get the different options available in Mega Cloud Plan Pricing.

Free Plan

  • 50GB capacity
  • reset at regular intervals
  • 10GB bandwidth limit.

PRO I Plan

  • 9.99 € every month. On the other hand, 99.99 € every year
  • limit of the month to month bandwidth is 1TB
  • 500GB capacity

Pro II Plan

  • 19.99 € ($27 USD) every month. On the other hand, 199.99 € every year.
  • 2TB capacity
  • 4TB month to month bandwidth limit

Pro III Plan

  • 29.99 € every month.
  • 299.99 € every year
  • monthly bandwidth has point of confinement of 8TB.
  • 4TB capacity

Check All Package and Options Here

Bottom Line:

So these are all the information that you need to know about MegaCloud. It offers both free and paid plan. Both the plans are worth trying. But customer support is not good on using free plan. However, one thing I can assure you, Mega Cloud is really good for cloud uploading and sharing.

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